Paint Night Fundraiser

Join us for Paint Night at Barley Brothers, 655 Empress st. Winnipeg, on Thurs July 21, 2016! We are excited to have some drinks and fundraise for these dogs!

We will have a silent auction, 50/50, guess how many are in the jar and find the joker cards!

Please arrive at 645pm, starts at 7pm and goes till 10pm

Tickets are $45 each and you get to take your own painting home!

Included in the price is a chance to win a door prize and 5 free Silent Auction tickets!! Don’t forget to invite a few friends to come along with you as well.

Limited tickets so get your tickets now! (18 plus)

All proceeds donated directly to our Spay/Neuter clinics!


Save A Dog Network Calendar!

Save A Dog Network Canada is now accepting applications to be in our 2017/2018 Calendar!

We are looking for all First Nations living ON A RESERVE in Manitoba, who love their dog(s).  Please send us a picture (or a few to choose from) of you and your dog(s). Please make the picture as clear as possible. Picture must have both you and your dog(s) in it.

Included with your photo – a little story on why you love your dog(s) and what your dogs(s) story is. We are interested in things like; what your dogs name is, where you got him or her, how long you’ve had them, if they have gone through anything tragic like parvo, being hit by a car etc.

You can send an application on behalf of someone who you think would be great too!! (Please have permission to do so)

Email & include along with your photo(s) & story – your name, phone number and what community you live in.


**All ages, genders and MB First Nations accepted**

Message us or call 204-899-5809 for any questions!!

All proceeds from the calendar sales will be donated to the winners communities for local Spay/Neuter Clinics!

We look forward to see everyone’s cute pictures!!!

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Please help us welcome Willow to the Save A Dog Network Community. This pretty girl is an Eskimo Sled dog from Churchill. She is very scared and shut down right now but she is in a wonderful temporary foster home where she has a foster sibling who she’s really opening up with. This gorgeous lady was vaccinated and dewormed and she will be transferred to one of our amazing partnering rescues after her quarantine! Thanks to all involved in her rescue. What a wonderful network we have! #SADN #churchilltowpg #saveadog #helpingournortherndogs


Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Vaccine Clinic

We are headed to do another Vaccine Clinic on May 29th, 2016! This time the community members from Brokenhead Ojibway Nation are interested in vaccinating and deworming their dogs!

We are very impressed and humbled that so many First Nation community members are eager to take advantage of our services! So much love is in the air!

Huge thanks to Dr. Jonas Watson for opening up his heart and schedule so many times to volunteer and make sure these dogs and community members are healthy. We couldn’t do it without you. Also, thank you to our amazing volunteer team that always comes out!!

**If you are living on a First Nation community in Manitoba and would like us to come to you, please send us an email to

If you would like to be a part of this initiative and help sponsor a stray, or a family who may need a hand, please email !!

What a wonderful network we have!




Do you have a plastic or metal dog kennel lying around ?? Did that puppy grow faster than expected???

Help us and get some spring cleaning done!!! We have a spay/neuter clinic coming up and we are in desperate need for more kennels!!

We are urgently looking for plastic and metal kennels of all sizes-even ones with minor imperfections!

Please make sure your item is clean to prevent spreading of diseases!

Drop off at The Dog Loft-245 Marion St in St. Boniface! or 204-899-5809


Do You Have Dog Cones?

There is no way around it! We need doggy cones for after surgery! We are headed to Red Sucker Lake First Nation June 18 to spay and neuter as many dogs as we can! Help us prevent licking or post surgery complications by donating your dogs plastic cones!

All sizes accepted!! Small imperfections are definitely okay! Please make sure it is clean too!

Drop offs available at The Dog Loft – 245 Marion St. or pick ups available around the city!

Call 204-899-5809 or email!


Gunner Project

Tick season has arrived for 2016!! We have already seen that it is going to be a bad season again this year. It is super important you inspect and protect your pets, but let’s not forget about the dogs who cannot speak for themselves.

With your donation, a roaming dog in Manitoba will be provided with a tablet to help kill and protect from ticks during this harsh season.

You all remember Gunnar, our tick dog…and if you don’t, he was a dog we helped rescue with Strays That Can’t Pay last spring, who unfortunately died because he did not receive medical care. The ticks literally sucked him to death. We were heartbroken to know that his death was totally preventable.

We started “The Gunnar Project” to educate and shed light on so many dogs who literally cannot escape these blood thirsty parasites. $20 can change the life of a roaming dog in Manitoba.

Etransfers can be made to with the password “tick”

#welovedogs #SADN #saveadog#wewillsavethemall #thegunnarproject