Manigotagan/Hollow Water

We are headed to Manigotagan/Hollow Water on May 8th with the amazing Dr. Samyra Stuart-Altman to vaccinate and deworm some community owned dogs! We really feel it’s important to support these First Nation communities and we are eager to make a difference in as many communities as we can! We always need financial donations towards these clinics, so please help us and make a donation today! Etransfers can be made to with the password “vaccine” or call Central Vet at 204-275-2038 and make a donation directly on our account.#saveadog #SADN #donationsneeded #vaccines#deworming #healthydogs




This handsome scruff is Bug. He came to us during our Spay/Neuter Clinic in York Landing this past weekend! He was an owner surrender and really needed to be groomed! He is just the sweetest little dude and we are so happy to have him. Thanks to Shawndrea for grooming him today and he will be transferred to Spirt of Hope Rescue ASAP! Check the comments below to see our handsome fella all groomed! #SADN #YORKLANDING #saveadog#spiritofhope


Bingo and her baby Dabber

Bingo and her baby Dabber came to us when we were in York Landing this past weekend doing a spay/neuter clinic. You may remember Bingo- she was living in a van with her baby just a few short weeks ago. All her other puppies froze, but little Dabber made it through the harsh winter with just a frost bitten tail. This beautiful scruffy mom and her baby are so sweet and we are beyond happy to have them with us. Soon enough, these babes will be sent to one of our adopting rescues. We absolutely love rescuing dogs and it’s rescues like these that remind us why we do what we do. Bingo was amazing and accepted baby Salle as her own. With all the struggles this mom has gone through, she was still sweet enough to accept a baby who needed her. How sweet is that? #SADN #saveadog#bingowashernameo #YORKLANDING


Taylor and Mend

Taylor and Mend came to us last weekend as owner surrenders while we were visiting York Landing during our Spay/Neuter Clinic. Both these babes are brindle mastiff mixed with husky and they have been transferred to Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter where they will be put up for adoption when they gain some weight! These babes deserve the best and we are eager to help more dogs like these! #YORKLANDING #SADN #saveadog#taylorandmend



Handsome Merle came to us while we were in York Landing this last weekend fixing the owned dogs. We are so thankful the owners of Merle asked us to take him, as they weren’t able to care for him anymore and wanted a better life for him. This boy is a real gem. He is has the most laid back personality and loves dogs, cats and people. This boy will be transferred to one of our adopting rescues soon! Huge thanks to The Dog Loft for temp fostering him! #SADN #saveadog#YORKLANDING #merle13087327_1165502773468304_8959901524024911302_n

York Landing

What a great feeling to be able to fly into a very northern, very isolated First Nation community to provide such a much needed service.

We are so proud to announce we were able to fix 40 dogs and 2 cats who were owned, living in York Landing (York Factory First Nation). Not only did we fix these dogs, we vaccinated and dewormed everyone again, and provided ID tags and tattoos to everyone we did fix.

The community really showed us what it’s like to be loved and appreciated. These people fed us, stopped by to thank us and we had the most amazing conversations about current issues happening in their community. It’s wonderful to have first hand knowledge from community members living in these areas, to truly understand the issues they face daily.

From the Chief and Council to all the community members who took advantage of this much needed service-everyone was amazing. Our crew was tired by the end but it was a good tired. We had some minor setbacks but all and all it was an absolute success. So many unwanted pregnancies were prevented and we couldn’t be happier.

This initiative hit the $10 000 mark and we are still looking for donations to help recover the costs so we can continue to make a difference in these very isolated communities!! We feel we are truly changing the front lines of dog rescue and we are eager to help more isolated communities!

Donations can be made to or contact us directly.

We were able to rescue 8 deserving dogs and puppies as well. Those shipping costs were an additional $870 just to bring these dogs into Winnipeg. Please help us and make a donation.

Huge thanks to Dr. Jonas Watson, Brittney, Katie H., Josh, Tracy, Corinne, Ashley, the Chief and Council of York Landing, the community members who fed us, The Winnipeg Humane Society, Beavermondo Inc, The Dog Loft, The Handberg Family, Cats TNR and Rescue, Jacobs Trading, Clive Hickson, Don Rose, Pet Valu Madison, Meadowwood and Pembina and everyone who privately donated. We could not have done this without everyone.
What a truly wonderful network we have! #SADN#saveadog #yorklanding #firstnation #spay #neuter#donatenow #fundsneeded #aborginallove#makingchanges

Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society

These dogs were brought to us from various situations but all were transferred to our amazing partnering rescue in Calgary-Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society. Huge thanks to Josh for driving these dogs to Regina last Tuesday to meet the Calgary crew! Shadow, Sam, Ginger and her 11 puppies will now be up for adoption in Calgary! Huge thanks to all who fostered these dogs while we found them adopting rescues! What a wonderful network we have!
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