TRANSPORT SUCCESSFUL! – Isgwideh (pronounced iss-gwi-deh and means “fire” in Ojicree) has arrived in Winnipeg

This beautiful boy arrived in Winnipeg at approximately 8:00PM on Sunday, March 18th, 2018, and is currently being treated at a veterinary clinic (which has remained opened exclusively for this critically wounded dog) – our thoughts and prayers go out to this brave fire-heart – good luck, Osgwideh! You are most certainly in our thoughts and prayers.

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Our Creator kindly bless everyone who has assisted and followed this beautiful soul’s journey thus far.  Please note that your continued donations and kindness are needed for this beautiful boy’s care – please email us, phone 204-899-5809 or visit our Donations page to find out how you can help. Thank you and stand by for updates – we are all fighting for you, Isgwideh!


Donations are urgently needed to fly severely burned dog into Winnipeg (currently in a remote fly-in community)

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It’s been over 2 days of us desperately trying to save this dog who’s lived for over a week with these terrible burns.

Our northern friends have been working tirelessly to try and get this extremely scared dog into a kennel. He is snapping, running away, hiding under trailers and in extreme pain but we are not going to give up on him. This fly in, isolated community is dedicated to getting him the help he needs and we just couldn’t be more thankful for their efforts.

We cannot feel anymore heartbroken then we do today. Initially, we want to feel hate but our hearts do not have the space. We are focusing on getting him safe into Winnipeg for the short term and long term-continue to provide vetting resources to this wonderful isolated community to prevent these things from happening again.

These families who live without the basics deserve so much more support than they are currently getting and it’s time we beat our drum loud and support them.

We will continue to provide a non judgmental, committed approach to something we are passionate about.

Donations towards this dogs vetting and flight are urgently needed. Please email saveadognetwork@gmail.com. PayPal, credit card or cash accepted.

Thank you all for staying positive with us. It eases our minds and let’s us focus on what’s most important, knowing that everyone can be respectful at a time we need love and support.


Save A Dog Network Canada (SADN) is a 100% volunteer run, registered non-profit organization based in Winnipeg dedicated to changing the lives of unwanted, abused, and injured dogs in Canada. SADN was founded in 2013, and currently networks with approximately 30 First Nations communities, Shelters and Rescues. The focus of SADN is primarily in Manitoba, although our support and networking extends across Canada as well.

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