Kipper was rescued when we were visiting Black River First Nation. He was owned and cared about, he was just so skiddish, no one could even get close. We chased him slowly 4 houses in the snow, across a road and finally after coaxing him with smelly treats and food, we caught him. He screamed bloody murder but as soon as he was in the car, he realized he was safe. He slept the next 12 hours and was completely shut down. Kipper has gone through so much but we are so happy to say he has made a full turn around and has become an amazing dog. He still has some scared problems but he is way more confident and loves to hang that purple tongue out. He has touched the hearts of many people and we are excited to get him on his journey after his lice is taken care of. Kipper is about 8 months but had the fur of a puppy. He is beyond fluffy and loves to cuddle. Some dogs take more time to trust and love and Kipper is one of them. This is what our network is about. ‪#‎SADN‬ ‪#‎saveadog‬ ‪#‎kipper‬‪#‎blackriver‬