Navy, Army and Airforce

We are sad to say we have 3 very sick little puppies. Navy, Army and Airforce were rescued by someone who wanted to give them a better life but unfortunately, they became quite ill within a few days of being in care. They reached out for assistance, so we wanted to do what we could and get these pups the help they needed.

These sweet little girls are fighters so we named them accordingly.

We have them all on IV antibiotics at Plessis Veterinary Hospital right now while we secure an adopting rescue willing to accept their care. They are currently negative for Parvo but they have symptoms of this nasty disease. We are hoping for the best and we really hope you can keep us in your thoughts!

You can call 204-691-8838 and directly make a donation towards their vet bill on our account or etransfer us directly at #saveadog #SADN#puppies #sickpuppies #plessisvet #donate #helpus