How do you spend your Thursday night? We tend to injured dogs!

Please help us welcome Scar to the Save A Dog Network Family. We’ve waited far too long for you, buddy!

Scar is honestly the worst dog mange dog we have ever rescued. SADN first got wind about him during our Jan 2016 vaccine clinic in York Landing. We knew he needed help and we most definitely knew it was going to be a challenge as he was very skiddish and would not go near anyone. 3 months later it finally happened. He FINALLY made it on the flight to Winnipeg. His skin has so many tears in it we’ve lost count. He has sores so bad they are cracked and bleeding and he’s dehydrated, bald, emaciated and infested with mange plus a serious infection on his skin. He’s been the victim of numerous dog attacks and his mange has just gotten worse over the past few months. His body is raw and he is in a lot of pain. It’s time to change this. It’s time for Scar to heal and become the healthy dog he deserves to be.

It comes a time where your heart is really put on the line. It’s days like this we remember why we fight for these dogs. Thanks Jessie and Josh for helping Scar when he got to Winnipeg and to the York Landing SADN crew for letting us know he needed help, feeding him and getting him on the flight. We also wanna thank Perimeter Aviation for making sure he got to us safely!! What a wonderful network we have.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, buddy. We love you, already!

We’ve started his mange treatment, got him on antibiotics and he received a medicated bath. He has a full stomach and has drank a lot. It’s a lot road ahead but we got this. One day at a time.

We are honoured Central Vet and Dr. Samyra Stuart Altman have opened their doors up today even though they are closed on Good Friday to make sure Scar doesn’t have to wait any longer.

It just cost us $265 to fly him into Winnipeg and it will cost hundreds in vetting to take care of him.

Every $5 counts.

Please send a donation to Central Veterinary Services at 204-275-2038 or an etransfer to Please help dogs like Scar. Contact Save A Dog Network Canada if you would like to get involved!‪#‎SADN‬