Spay/Neuter Clinic

With our first ever fly in Spay/Neuter Clinic just a month away, we are getting everything shipped up to York Landing, Manitoba! This very isolated First Nation community, over 900km north of Winnipeg is such an amazing example of determination and strength within a community. We have seen nothing but positive changes within the members living here. We have rescued over 60 dogs from York Landing since November 2015, vaccinated and dewormed the majority of he owned dogs in January 2016 and now we feel we are ready to tackle the sterilization process to prevent so many unwanted litters and dog fights. While we sterilize every owned dog in April 2016, we will be providing each dog with a collar and ID tag as well as vaccinating and deworming any dog requiring it. We will then help self-regulate and lend a hand in regards to simple bylaws for the roaming dogs and the owners who take care of them. We are so excited to support such amazing Chief and Council and we are eager to make this a success.

If you have any supplies you think we can use, please send us a message! Currently our need is:
-cable tieouts
-collars (mainly m-xl)
-Lysol wipes
-kennels (plastic and metal)

We are urgently looking for monetary donations towards our medicine, surgery supplies we have to buy, and cargo costs round trip for everything. All donations can be made to or cheques can be mailed to

Save A Dog Network Canada
431 de la Morenie st
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2Z2

Or call 204-899-5809 for questions or other ways to donate!