Syrah had her puppies!

Gorgeous Syrah gave birth to 11 plump puppies yesterday! This old girl has had multiple litters and was living in an old van in York Landing. She was absolutely massive and we knew she was close to delivering. She made it to Winnipeg within 72 hours of giving birth. This will be Syrah’s final litter and we are proud to say all of these newborns will never reproduce either. Lets end the cycle whileeducating these community members. Huge thanks to Corinne, Ash, Harold, Vivian, Sean, Tahl and Garry for being a part of this rescue. Your dedication to these dogs is so humbling!

Follow this big girl, gentle girl, Syrah and her 11 grapes at Hillside Canine Fosters and Doggy Doula – it’s what we do. #SADN #saveadog #yorklanding#dedicationtorescue #11puppiestoomuch#spayandneuter