April 22-25, 2016 in York Landing

Some of the faces we will be fixing the weekend of April 22-25, 2016 in York Landing. Aren’t they adorable?

These dogs will be sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed (both first and second shots) and identified with a new collar and ID tag. Females will be tattooed for future proof of spay. These owners are taking advantage of such a special gift. We are so happy to be able to help this wonderful community and are eager to get up north!

Less than 2 weeks away!!

Thanks to all the owners for registering your dogs and cats! Let’s do this Manitoba! (and Canada). Monetary donations are still needed to help cover transportation and medicine. We can’t do this without you-every single dollar counts!

Etransfers can be made to saveadognetwork@gmail.com with the password “YORKLANDING”. You can also use a credit card! Email us or call 204-899-5809! Thanks everyone!!!#saveadog #SADN #donationsneeded#spayandneuter #yorklanding #letsdothis#sothankful #itstimeforchange