Beejay, Kuhkee and Bihgmaw

These 3 gorgeous pups are Beejay, Kuhkee and Bihgmaw! They were rescued from York Landing and they are just the cutest things! Little Beejay is the weakest. He’s 1/3 the size of his siblings and still needs extra care. These puppies are almost 5 weeks old and have teeth. Mom is a husky and dad is a golden retriever, both who will be fixed at our upcoming Spay/Neuter Clinic in YL in just 2 weeks. These babies will be under SADN quarantine until they are vaccinated and then they will be sent to one of our partner adopting rescues! Thanks to the York Landing crew for making sure these babies got on the plane, Perimeter Aviation for getting them to safety and April for picking them up! smile emoticon

If you would like to be a part of these babies rescue, please send a donation to with the password ‘puppies’. What a wonderful network we have!
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