Bingo and her baby Dabber

Bingo and her baby Dabber came to us when we were in York Landing this past weekend doing a spay/neuter clinic. You may remember Bingo- she was living in a van with her baby just a few short weeks ago. All her other puppies froze, but little Dabber made it through the harsh winter with just a frost bitten tail. This beautiful scruffy mom and her baby are so sweet and we are beyond happy to have them with us. Soon enough, these babes will be sent to one of our adopting rescues. We absolutely love rescuing dogs and it’s rescues like these that remind us why we do what we do. Bingo was amazing and accepted baby Salle as her own. With all the struggles this mom has gone through, she was still sweet enough to accept a baby who needed her. How sweet is that? #SADN #saveadog#bingowashernameo #YORKLANDING