Dabber and Salle

Sisters don’t have to be by blood. We love our rescue sisters (and brothers) across Canada. From coast to coast, from our aboriginal lands to the core of urban neighbourhoods, we are all one heart, beating as one with our love for dogs. We are all important and we all deserve love, education and resources.

Dabber and Salle are from two separate litters, who desperately deserve to be healthy, happy dogs. These babies are warm, safe and will be fixed and sent to one of our adopting rescues soon. Tragedy will come when you think you can’t handle it, but we feel it comes when you need it the most. Strength in numbers. We will make a difference.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or what colour your skin (or fur) is. Love is the foundation of rescue. We love everyone who helps us make a difference each day. Love will conquer all.

We will beat our drum loud for all to hear.#welovedogs #saveadog#firstnationcommunitiesherewecome#wewillsavethemall