Gunner Project

Tick season has arrived for 2016!! We have already seen that it is going to be a bad season again this year. It is super important you inspect and protect your pets, but let’s not forget about the dogs who cannot speak for themselves.

With your donation, a roaming dog in Manitoba will be provided with a tablet to help kill and protect from ticks during this harsh season.

You all remember Gunnar, our tick dog…and if you don’t, he was a dog we helped rescue with Strays That Can’t Pay last spring, who unfortunately died because he did not receive medical care. The ticks literally sucked him to death. We were heartbroken to know that his death was totally preventable.

We started “The Gunnar Project” to educate and shed light on so many dogs who literally cannot escape these blood thirsty parasites. $20 can change the life of a roaming dog in Manitoba.

Etransfers can be made to with the password “tick”

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