St. Theresa Point First Nation

We are so excited to announce we are headed to St. Theresa Point First Nation on October 21-24, 2016 to fix, vaccinate, deworm and provide collars, ID tattoos and tags to the owned dogs and cats living in this very isolated First Nation community!

For only $50, you can provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to someone who can’t afford to fix their pet. The only way we can reduce the amount of rescue dogs coming into care, is if we stop them from breeding up north.

Give the gift that so many can’t afford. Help save a dog and prevent unwanted litters from being born this winter.

1 unfixed female roaming around can produce over 67,000 offspring in just 6 years!!

If we fix 50 dogs, that’s a potential 3.3 million unwanted puppies who will no longer need homes. We will be one step closer to fixing this problem.

Right now, every person in Canada needs to adopt 15 dogs to find homes for the unwanted dogs who currently are alive and need forever homes. Do you know someone who wants 15 dogs?

Etransfers can be made to or make a donation directly to our account at Tuxedo Animal Hospital-204 488 1843.

If you live in St. Theresa Point and want your dog or cat fixed, send us a message!