Save A Dog Network Canada (SADN) is a 100% volunteer run, registered non profit organization based in Winnipeg dedicated to providing networking support and urgent food and supplies to rescues and isolated communities in Manitoba and across Canada. Since we started our organization, we have kept almost 90% of all donations sent out, in Manitoba. (over 125 donations to date-both reserve and rescues helped).

Our main focus is to help unwanted, abandoned and injured dogs who cannot speak for themselves. We work with eager people who are interested in making a difference in their communities without easy access to veterinary care and the rescue groups who accept responsibility for these dogs who are in need. One way we help these dogs while they wait to be rescued is provide front line food, first aid supplies, blankets/towels, doghouses/straw, sanitizing supplies, among many other things.

We also help provide food and supplies to local rescues as well as urgent situations like flooding or hoarding situations and help with education and vaccine/spay neuter clinics. Every situation is different and we do our best to work with everyone we can.

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For supplies or food donations please contact-204 899 5809 or email