“Fostering a dog is not a lifetime commitment; it is a commitment to saving a life.”

Why Foster
What to Expect
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Foster Rules & Responsibilities
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Why Foster

Temporary fostering is truly one of the most amazing things you can do.

You put your heart out there knowing this beautiful animal has a journey that does not end with your home. Your commitment is usually 2-3 weeks, without the commitment of adoption. You teach them socialization, house rules and what it is like to be a real dog and enjoy what it means to be loved. You save them from horrible conditions and nurse them back to health, with no financial burden on yourself.

There are so many personal benefits and unexpected rewards to being a foster parent and most would describe it as one of the most gratifying and enriching experiences of their lives!

Save A Dog Network does not do adoptions or foster fails, we are just the first stop to get these dogs safe. We are the front line rescue, who quarantines them, gets them the proper vaccines and then transfers them to adopting rescues, who find them forever homes, mainly outside the province. Without our network of foster families, we would not be able to save the lives that we do. Fostering Saves Lives.

What To Expect While Fostering for SADN

Fostering a dog temporarily can be hard on your emotions. Sometimes you fall in love with a dog and that means you loved that dog like it was yours and you set them up for success in their new home. It may be hard when the time comes to let that dog go but it has to be done. The dogs in our care are not ours to adopt out and they must move on to their adopting rescues. The dog will be in your care for approximately 2-3 weeks, with occasions where the dog may be there only a few days or on a medical/behaviour hold for a few months. This will be discussed prior to arrival in your home and can be negotiated based on your commitment.

The dog may be scheduled to leave at a short moment’s notice. Please be prepared as logistics can happen quickly and we will do our best to utilize the transport help when we can.


Understand that there is no guarantee, warranty or full knowledge of any rescue dog, age, health or temperament. The foster home accepts the foster dog into their care and agrees to release and not hold SADN, along with its volunteers and board of directors, from any and all liability and responsibility in connection with the dog fostered through SADN. SADN is not responsible for damaged property or items caused by foster dogs.

SADN CANNOT and therefore WILL NOT adopt out a dog to a foster home for any reason.

Supplied/Paid For by SADN

Fostering requires only your time and love. The costs of all food, vetting and medication, kennels and other necessary items associated with temporarily caring for one or more of our dogs/puppies is completely supplied and paid for by SADN:

    • • Food
    • • treats
    • • vetting
    • • kennels (in-home & transport)
    • • toys
    • • blankets/dog bed
    • • pee pads

If you feel you need anything else, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Foster Rules & Responsibilities

The foster home agrees to always:

Respect the fact this dog is not up for adoption through SADN. We kindly provide and expect that nutritious food, water, adequate shelter, care, grooming, and medical attention be provided to the foster dog at all times (this includes letting SADN know when there are issues needing addressed, including requesting more supplies and food as needed and/or when you are running low).

Foster this dog as a family pet, treat them humanely at all times and provide them with love, attention, exercise, basic training and socialization.

Keep owned pets up to date with vaccinations. SADN is not liable for owned dogs who become sick due to lack of personal vaccinations. In certain situations, however, SADN will help cover vetting if we deem the situation to hold us liable.

Make sure owned pets are fixed (unless medical note can be provided) – At no point is it acceptable to house unfixed dogs together, regardless of their genders.

Never to abandon, give, sell or transfer the foster dog to another family member, friend, foster, shelter or rescue without the written consent of SADN.

Supervise the dog at all times, especially around children and other dogs. The foster home agrees to never leave the dog unattended in the presence of vulnerable persons and/or children. When proper supervision cannot be provided, the foster dog should be kenneled or secured, as necessary.

Use training methods only approved by SADN. Do not use choke, shock or spike collars without written consent of a SADN director. Please check with a SADN director of you are unsure of what is acceptable or not prior to making a decision.

Inform SADN immediately should the dog goes missing, or if any destructive, aggressive and/or other concerning behaviours are noticed, so that appropriate action can be taken before the foster forms bad habits and/or before you decide you are not willing or able to consider yourself a foster.

Keep in contact with SADN including providing updates, and a bio about the foster dog for the purposes of matching the dog with appropriate adopting rescues. If you are able we would love and appreciate good, quality pictures of your foster, as well!

Conduct yourself in a manner that does not discredit the reputation of SADN in the community and/or raise doubts about the integrity of SADN or its volunteers while you are a foster, or after you no longer are affiliated with SADN.

All media contact requests must be sent to a SADN Director. At no point will a foster talk to any media, representing SADN, without consent of a SADN director, in writing prior.

Keep confidential all information that SADN is involved in, including but not limited to, finance, personal information, dog and/or owner information, and/or any other potentially sensitive information.

Return any borrowed items from SADN including kennels, toys, leashes, leftover food and other materials, at any point when and if you decide to step down and/or take a break as a foster from SADN.

Any monies collected or received on behalf of SADN will be turned over in a timely manner.

Foster Registration

If you would like to join our wonderful fostering family here at SADN, and have read and agree to comply with the above, then please click the below button to begin your application process!