Happy Tails

Hundreds of dogs come into SADN’s care each and every year – while it is impossible to feature them all, we hope you enjoy this growing collection of ‘happy tails’ – success stories of some of the beautiful dogs and puppies who have come into SADN’s care and who have since been sent on their way to happy lives in their forever homes.


In September of 2015, this beautiful puppy was rescued from Red Sucker Lake First Nation and named Akila. Two years later, SADN received an update and photo of her (click image). It’s days like this that truly remind us why SADN does what we do.


Bobbi Bobbi

Female puppy (no caption)


This beautiful girl beat the odds and survived parvo (unfortunately, her brother – Little Bear – did not). She was brought home from the vaccine clinic in Garden Hill. She is a true fighter and has grown up to be a beautiful, well-mannered dog.


Clover Clover

Female puppy (no caption)


  Fae Fae Fae Fae Fae

This small 14lb puppy came into SADN’s network with a large abscess on her head – with some care, she has healed nicely and is showing that she has the sweetest personality ever! Fae is extremely smart, laid back and caught on to potty training in no time.



This sweet boy was brought into Winnipeg after the vaccine clinic in Garden Hill First Nation. He had a terrible case of worms when he was found but recovered once put on medication. He has been a feisty, adorable little puppy from day one!



This handsome boy was found abandoned as a puppy on Red Sucker Lake First Nation, his paw was injured but he made a full recovery.


HugoHugo Hugo

Male puppy (no caption)


This gentle mother came into SADN’s network with four puppies of approximately 3 weeks of age – she dedicated everything she had to caring for these puppies and as a result was extremely malnourished when she was rescued. With some good dewormer, endless bowls of food and some much-needed love, she regained her complete weight in just over one month!

Huge thanks to our wonderful fosters and transporters who helped save this sweet family! Jonnie and her four puppies have headed to Toronto to find their forever homes with our dedicated adopting rescue partners.


 Kevin Kevin

Kevin’s guardian angel was looking over him – he was found by random chance when passersby noticed a tiny head sticking out from the snow nearby a tree stump. When they investigated, they discovered her was stuck beneath the stump and was covered in snow. He was chipped out from the snow and brought home, where he was then washed up and given food and water. He was malnourished when he was found but is now thriving!


Kira Kira Kira

Female puppy (no caption)


Layla LaylaLayla Layla

Shortly after coming into SADN’s care, Layla fell extremely ill and was in the hospital with a low white blood cell count, and was on antibiotics and IV fluids. Her siblings started their journey with Precious Paws Rescue and she stayed back in Winnipeg with her brother Rigz, where she spent a couple days at the awesome Central Veterinary Hospital, fighting for her life. She made a full recovery and recently made her way into the loving arms of her new rescue family.

We love and appreciate Precious Paws Rescue so much. They hung onto a foster home, helped pay Layla’s Manitoba veterinary care bill and dedicated themselves to this beautiful girl, and our efforts. It truly takes a village to rescue these unwanted dogs and we absolutely love what we do and the friends we have made along the way.


Miko Miko Miko

Miko was surrendered by his owners so he could receive medical care and a second chance, after he was attacked by other dogs.


Niff Niff Niff

This sweet baby was found alone at approximately a week old, and at risk of being euthanized, due to lack of resources to care for her. Thankfully, she was spoken for and rescued – she was brought by ferry into York Landing, where she made her way into Thompson via plane and then eventually into Winnipeg. What a little fighter!


Otto Otto Otto

Sweet female puppy, was run over by a car but despite the odds being against her, she pulled through and made a complete recovery under the care of her foster mom!


Patches Patches

This toothy-grinned girl was found wandering – she was sent into SADN’s care to avoid an upcoming dog-shoot, and we are so glad she was!


Pippa Pippa Pippa


This poor darling was found just outside of Churchill, having been chained up her entire life.



This gentle boy spent years living outside as a stray within Shamattawa First Nation – he was known to SADN for a year before his rescue was possible. His “pack” dwindled one-by-one as they were brought into rescue, and this boy survived 6 dog shoots before his turn for rescue came! We are so glad to have in and are thankful to all of the amazing teachers working in Shamattawa First Nation who made his rescue possible.


Rior came to us after living a year as a stray, at the Peguis First Nation dump. She birthed her puppies (all 8 were found together) and would was wary to approach any human. After multiple attempts at capturing her, she was lived trapped and brought into Winnipeg.

Dr. Rebecca Zettler in Treherne graciously did emergency surgery at midnight on a Saturday to remove an embedded collar that had been growing into her neck since she was a puppy.

Weeks later, Rior was learning to trust more and more and has almost completely healed from the imbedded collar in her neck! Slowly she’s learning to trust but she sure is making you earn her love.

While in foster care, Rior became best friends with another rescue dog named Moose – we all know who Rior is picking for Valentine’s Day this February!


SakeSake Sake

Female puppy, was rescued as a newborn and is now living with her loving adoptive family!

Shelly and her puppies

Shelly and her puppiesShelly and her puppies

Mother with pups, no caption



This handsome boy was rescued by SADN during our 2017 vaccination clinic within Garden Hill First Nation. He was found in the dirt outside someone’s home, but was never claimed, so it was back to Winnipeg with us for Simon! He was the sweetest little monkey from day one and we couldn’t be happier to have watched him grow up.



Smalls was found on the side of the road in Sagkeeng First Nation along with her sister – she had a severe bacterial infection but thankfully made a full recovery! Smalls and her sister were put up for adoption in Winnipeg at Winnipeg Pet Rescue, and both girls were adopted. After finding out that Smalls had been surrendered from her first adopting family, her foster mom swept in and adopted this sweet girl herself!


Tugboat AKA “Tuggy” Tugboat AKA “Tuggy  Tugboat AKA “Tuggy

Another darling boy found in Sagkeen First Nation – Tugboat AKA Tuggy was brought to Winnipeg for foster but eventually made his way to British Columbia, where he found his loving forever home!



Valentino was very skittish when he was first brought into SADN’s care, and was sporting an eye infection and lice. He made a full recovery and is now enjoying a happy life with his forever family.