Happy Tails – Q, R, S & T

If you have ever hesitated to donate towards any rescue because you’re unsure exactly where your money is going, THIS IS IT. These names are only a fraction of the dogs and puppies who have come into our care since our organization was first established in 2013, and we look forward to many, many more happy tails in the years to come. To learn how you can help be a part of the rescue, medical care and re-homing of these beautiful little souls, please click here. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do!

Q, R, S & T
Rainbow, Ramsey, Rango, Rhett, Rogan, Sadie & Puppies, Sake, Sam, Sasha, Scar, Scotch, Senses5, Sephora, Shelly & Puppies, Skar, Simon, Smalls, Snackpack7, Snowball, Soul, Suzie, Suzy, Syrah, Taylor & Mend, Theo, Tinuk, Tiny, Tommy, Tootie, Hermia, Charli & Cherri, Tucker, Tundra & Tugboat


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This little handsome guy was following an incident with battery acid. Shortly after he made his way to LEASH Animal Welfare Society where he continued his healing in foster. It was during one of his regular outings around Trout Lake that he found his new family! Ramsey is living the dream getting out and about and exploring everything BC has to offer.


This handsome boy came into our care in late May of 2018 – he was a bit of a handful (did not like being confined at all) but he soon relaxed. So happy to have brought this nervous fellow into rescue!


After Rhett was brought into SADN, she was sent to our friends in Vancouver, British Columbia, at LEASH Animal Welfare Society, where she was adopted in February of 2018. Have a great life with your loving and active family, Rhett!


Rogan (formerly Brogen) was adopted early in 2018 and has been settling in great! On April 23, 2018, we received an update from his new mom:

“Things are coming along well with Rogan. He’s become very attached to me and has opened up a lot. He’s finally showing his happy puppy side and is extremely goofy. I have taken him on many trail walks, a few jogs and he has even made trips to the pet store to get new toys. He is progressing with his dog walker but still has times where he won’t pee because of his nerves. The more he gets used to Jason the walker he will be good. Jason has been very patient with him and even was able to pet him the first time he met him.

 I am enrolling Rogan in an obedience class that starts the end of May at Pet-D-Gree Dog Training and Kennels. I have been working on his down command when he sits but it is still hit or miss. Once he completes the obedience he is able to move on to their agility program if he does well. He has met a few of my friends and did well. I am slowly exposing him to more people and situations to gain confidence. Rogan is a sweetheart, loves to cuddle and is still trying to lure my cats into playing. They don’t bother each other. He is currently passed out on the couch after a trail walk.”

Sadie & Puppies

Sadie was brought into rescue while pregnant and on March 23, 2018, she gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies! In addition to being a tentative mother to her own pups, she also accepted another pup (who was found orphaned and alone) into her family.

Sadie and her seven beautiful puppies remained in foster home for approximately 3 weeks before they were sent to one of our partners to continue their journey and find their new forever families!


Female puppy, was rescued as a newborn and is now living with her loving adoptive family!


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Sasha’s story began in Manitoba when she came into SADN’s care – she hitched a ride with one of our friend truckers and made her journey west to Beautiful British Columbia – ever since, she has been loving west coast living! She is an easy-going girl who does best with playmates closer to her own size and energy, and absolutely LOVES fetch (though she has a tendency to steal and not return frisbees).

So glad to see her start a new life with the help of our friends at LEASH Animal Welfare Society – have a great life, beautiful Sasha!

On July 6, 2018, the hunt for a forever family was over for this girl – after 5+ months in care we are delighted to announce that sweet Sasha has been adopted!

Sasha – now Mica – gets to spend her days exploring the local hiking trails, chasing off wildlife, and swimming with her canine co-star, Ozzy. With a family who would rather be outdoors than in, a commitment to ongoing training, and a built-in playmate, its safe to say that Mica hit the jackpot!

Some adoption journeys are more challenging than others, and, as always, it takes a village. A big thank you to our supporters and network who helped us get to this point where we could help this incredible girl begin her Chapter 2. We couldn’t have done it without you, and seeing Mica – and her new family! – so happy makes it all worth it!


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Siblings rescued together: See, Touch, Feel, Smell & Taste


This sweet little one came into our care when her paw was broken – she was accidentally stepped on and her owners did not want to see her suffer but were unable to provide her with the care she needed. Sephora had x-rays done and was required to wear splints while her leg healed – she remained in good spirits throughout her healing and made a full recovery! Thanks so much to Sephora’s foster family for taking such good care of this little one and also to our amazing friends at the Tuxedo Animal Hospital for over-seeing little Sephora’s care.

Sephora’s paw is broken and needs to be splinted until it heals. She’s in good spirits though and expected to make a full recovery! Huge thanks to Tuxedo Animal Hospital for helping us 💕  Huge thanks to Sephora’s foster family for taking such good care of her and her rescuers for contacting us!

On July 26, 2018, little Sephora proves that she knows the real meaning of life as she catches the breeze on a joyride – just enjoy the little things and let the wind flow through your fur.

Shelly & Puppies

Mother with pups, no caption.


This handsome boy was rescued from one of SADN’s trips to Split Lake in spring of 2018.


This handsome boy was rescued by SADN during our 2017 vaccination clinic within Garden Hill First Nation. He was found in the dirt outside someone’s home, but was never claimed, so it was back to Winnipeg with us for Simon! He was the sweetest little monkey from day one and we couldn’t be happier to have watched him grow up.


Smalls was found on the side of the road in Sagkeeng First Nation along with her sister – she had a severe bacterial infection but thankfully made a full recovery! Smalls and her sister were put up for adoption in Winnipeg at Winnipeg Pet Rescue, and both girls were adopted. After finding out that Smalls had been surrendered from her first adopting family, her foster mom swept in and adopted this sweet girl herself!


Siblings rescued together: MeatBall, Fudgeo, Chipit, Licorice, Oreo, Dorito & Pretzel


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Suzie was attacked by 2 large dogs and because she lives in a fly in community, she had absolutely zero access to veterinary care. Her family knew something was wrong and reached out to anyone they knew for help. On July 13, 2018, were able to get Suzie into a temporary foster home in Winnipeg, where she could recover after receiving the proper care she deserved.

Warm thank-you goes out to the amazing Dr. Kristin Wiebe at Tuxedo Animal Hospital for doing the initial vetting for Suzie, as well as the wonderful Dr. Karen Skakun at Transcona Veterinary Hospital for wiring Suzie’s jaw!

Unfortunately, Suzie’s treatment was expensive and her family started a fundraiser to pay for the costs – we are forever grateful to everyone who was able to contribute towards this sweet little girl’s medical costs!


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Taylor & Mend

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Jonnie’s pup! Theo was brought into rescue with his mother and was sent to our friends in Toronto at The Animal Guardian Society where he has found his forever home!! We couldn’t be happier for you Theo and wish you a long and happy life with your new family.

“Theo is an amazing pup, who is an absolute joy to have!! Thank you so much for the opportunity with Theo. I can already tell, he is the perfect fit for our family… We love him so much!”


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Tiny came into our care when she was attacked by larger, roaming dogs when she was let outside to do her business – her family reached out to us and she was brought in on September 5, 2018, and immediately brought into veterinary care. She required surgery to repair a hernia. She also suffered infection and needed urgent medical care.

Big thanks goes out to the amazing Dr. Joselyn and Rebecca Zettler, Vicki in Thompson, Manitoba (who watched over Tiny through her first night) and Vanessa for receiving her at the airport. Without your help this sweet girl would not have made it!

Tiny is recovering now in foster care but we can’t wait to get her back to her loving northern family once she has completely healed!


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Tootie, Hermia, Charli & Cherri

Tootie, Hermia, Charli and Cherri came to us from Split Lake and have since made their way down to Southern Ontario to find their forever homes with our friends at Pound Dog Rescue (https://pounddog.ca/)! Huge thanks to all involved with rescuing these beautiful babies! Have a good life!


Tucker (now Calvin), had a rough start to his life but it quickly turned around. Calvin was found in a ditch, in a Northern Manitoba fly in First Nation community by the wonderful aboriginal community members eager to make a difference in their community. He was vetted and checked over by SADN before continuing his journey west to our friends at LEASH Animal Welfare Society! Everyone quickly fell in love with this little fluff ball and we were delighted to hear that he was quickly brought into a loving family! Congratulations little one!


In March of 2018, this little guy was adopted and named Tundra by his new mom. He has got quite a life ahead of him. His mom is newly retired professor and a very active woman, who owns a manor of a home in a regal section of Toronto. As of March 16, 2018, he has been enrolled in obedience classes. Tundra will be enjoying a huge fenced backyard which backs onto a ravine and wooded area, as well as exploring 300 acres of farm property on the weekends! Have fun, Tundra, and enjoy your life with your new mom – you’ve got it made!!


Another darling boy found in Sagkeen First Nation – Tugboat AKA Tuggy was brought to Winnipeg for foster but eventually made his way to British Columbia, where he found his loving forever home!

Nearly a year after Tuggy left SADN’s care to find his forever home, we received this updated photo of him (far right) in summer of 2018 – he has grown into such a strong, handsome boy!!

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