“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

Why Volunteer
Volunteer Rules & Requirements
Volunteer Registration

Why Volunteer

Volunteering enriches your life, it is a known fact. While people choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons, the opportunity to save and significantly improve the lives of these animals and their human counterparts for the better is what drives our volunteers here at SADN. Volunteering with SADN is an exciting and rewarding experience where you have a direct impact on the lives of hundreds of dogs and puppies coming into our care every year. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to develop and build new/existing skills, experience and knowledge, and meet some awesome people along the way!

SADN is always welcoming of new volunteers for a variety of contributions including:

      • • Transportation (including “Flight Buddies”)
      • • Fostering
      • • Cleaning
      • • Vaccination Clinics
      • • Community Liaison (First Nation Representative)
      • • Supply pick-ups
      • • Fundraising (including crafts/baking)


Volunteer Rules & Requirements

 Notify SADN of any and all changes to your address, email address, phone number or other contact information ASAP.

Provide volunteering services without compensation. Any services or items incurred above what SADN provides will be at the expense of the volunteer and will not be reimbursed. Please advise immediately if you need additional supplies above what is already provided and we will do our best to help in this regard.

Conduct yourself in a manner that does not discredit the reputation of SADN in the community and/or raise doubts about the integrity of SADN or its volunteers, during the period and/or after you no longer are affiliated with SADN.

All media contact requests must be sent to a SADN Director. At no point will a volunteer talk to any media, representing SADN, without consent of a SADN director, in writing prior.

Keep confidential all information that SADN is involved in, including but not limited to, finance, personal information, dog and/or owner information, and/or any other potentially sensitive information.

Return any borrowed items from SADN including kennels, toys, leashes, leftover food and other materials, at any point when and if you decide to step down and/or take a break as a volunteer from SADN.

Any monies collected or received on behalf of SADN will be turned over in a timely manner.

Volunteer Registration

If you would like to join our wonderful volunteering family here at SADN, and have read and agree to comply with the above, then please click the below button to begin your application process!