York Landing was amazing!

This weekend we had the amazing pleasure of travelling 940km north of Winnipeg to provide vaccinations and deworming to the community dogs of York Landing First Nation. (also known as York Factory). With the help of Dr. Stuart-Altman of Central Veterinary Services, we were able to administer 114 dog vaccines (and dewormer) and 1 cat vaccine/dewormer in just one weekend. We rescued 7 and brought 2 back to be spayed and returned to their lovely owners. We also treated 4 dogs with mange! We had a blast. We could not be more thankful for the amazing weekend.

Dr Stuart-Altman…you made this trip the best we could of ever asked for. We are so thankful for everything and we could not be more honoured to have teamed up with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating 3 full days of your life to change the lives of so many.

Perimeter Aviation is the most amazing airline we have ever worked with. They not only donated our round trip flights, let us go over our weight restriction and put us up in a Thompson hotel, when logistics were not on our side, the amazing staff worked their magic and made sure we made it. They were polite, helpful and caring. What more can we ask for???

Our monetary donators…you reached in your wallet and helped us when we really needed you. You always come to our rescue. Every dollar counts and we are grateful for everyone. Please keep the donations coming!

The community of York Landing…you made this possible by bringing all your dogs and puppies to us. Not only did you take advantage of the services we provided, you asked so many questions and made us feel welcomed. Thank you to the community members who volunteered their time including the 10 little rescuers who helped us. We could not be happier our youth were interested and we were so happy to help educate and have some fun!!

To everyone else who has shared our posts, sent words of encouragement and passionately stood by and supported us…this is what the Save A Dog Network is about!

From one skin colour to another, from coast to coast, from the coldest parts of Manitoba and beyond…we are making a difference and we feel good!