Statistics for roaming injured, unwanted, diseased, malnourished dogs

The statistics for roaming injured, unwanted, diseased, malnourished dogs around Manitoba First Nations Communities is alarming!

There is absolutely no way to truly know how many really are out there but here are some facts that we (Save A Dog Network volunteers) have faced first hand.

-We personally get 50-75 requests for unwanted dogs a month-owner surrenders and strays.

-There are 63 First Nation communities in Manitoba. We are currently in (either directly or indirectly) about 15-20 communities in one capacity or another. We are eager to make a presence in every community we can. We encourage communities to reach out to us or other rescue groups who could help!
-Some communities are in driving distance to a vet clinic, some who have zero access to veterinary care. They are fly in or ice road accessible only. All these communities have strays or loosely owned who reproduce and cause problems. Mainly lack of funds, transportation and resources are the reason we have seen why pets are not vaccinated and fixed-not because they don’t care.
-Females on average have 2 heat cycles a year. During this time, roaming females are causing major issues with males trying to mount them. This causes tension in communities which leads to dog shoots (culls)
-Stray males can smell females kms away. Again, this causes serious issues within isolated communities.
-Many puppies do not survive harsh winters, maulings and diseases. These mothers are exhausted trying to keep their 5-10 puppies alive while scrummaging for food. This causes serious anxiety in mother dogs who in the future could have behaviour issues.
-Dogs that are fixed are less likely to develop cancer and serious infections in reproduction organs
-Many dogs are roaming and are hit by cars-dogs who are fixed and full of food, are less likely to be roaming.
-Educating, non-judgemental support and making resources available to community members long term is how we feel we have been successful.
-Statistically, 1 female who’s unfixed can produce over 60 thousand offspring in just 6 years! Cut those numbers in half even due to deaths and that is even unreal, but it’s reality.

We cannot do this alone. Our dedication to helping these communities is our number one. We are so excited to make this a reality where dogs have a chance to be dogs. Join us and Save A Dog, today!
Thanks Melissa Shaw for the pic!

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