Issy’s Story

Isgwideh Anamoose, meaning means “fire dog” in Ojicree, was brought into SADN’s care when he was accidentally injured in a fire at a garbage dump located within a remote, fly-in first nation community in Manitoba. When it was realized that he had been injured and had escaped the fire, individuals within the community worked together to capture the frightened dog, who was hiding and in distress due to his injuries.

A frightened and severely burned dog, name unknown at the time this photo was taken, refuses to let people come any closer to him than a few feet in distance.

A SADN volunteer sponsored the cost of a net to assist with the capture, and on March 18th, 2018, Issy was finally rescued and boarded a flight into Winnipeg where he was then received by SADN volunteers at approximately 8.00PM, that same day. The wonderful staff and volunteers at Tuxedo Veterinary Clinic remained open after-hours specifically for Isgwideh, where he was immediately brought after arriving in the city.

Successfully captured, the burned dog (named Isgwideh, meaning “fire” in Ojicree) is being received and transported into veterinary care by SADN volunteers.

Issy went into the careful hands of Dr. Watson, where he was cleaned, sedated and had surgery to remove the badly damaged skin and tissues that resulted from his burns. He also received a plasma transfusion, donated by our friends at the Canadian Animal Blood Bank ! By March 24th, Issy’s wounds were healing nicely, one of his eyes (damaged in the fire) was blinking and he was already standing on his own! His appetite had also returned, and he was taking food and even wagging his tail for veterinary staff and SADN volunteers.

Save A Dog Network Canada’s President & Founder, Katie Powell, visits with Isgwideh at Tuxedo Veterinary Clinic, on March 20th, 2018.

He sustained extensive surface wounds to his face and side, but thankfully no muscle or underneath tissue was damaged as a result of the fire. Raw honey from Faith Apiaries, together with a hydrating cream, was used to enhance the healing of his sensitive skin.

Pictured above is Dr. Stuart-Altman, receiving kisses from Issy (photo taken on March 26th, 2018)

By March 25th, his IV was removed and he was eating and drinking comfortably, and on March 29th, he was transferred to Central Veterinary Services to continue his healing under the care of the amazing Dr. Stuart-Altman, who spent the next week helping Issy regain his health and strength so he could leave the hospital environment and finish recovering within a foster environment.

On March 29th, Issy was finally permitted to break-free from the veterinary environment and went into temporary foster with one of SADN’s most involved fosters and volunteers. Though still requiring checkups, routine changing of his bandages, and carefully administered pain medication and antibiotics, Issy is recovering well within a home setting!

A day after arrival at his temporary foster home, Issy is already feeling playful and is enjoying the attention, yummy food and plentiful toys at his disposal. (Video taken March 30th, 2018)

Issy remains currently in SADN’s foster care – watch this page for updates on this beautiful boy’s success story!

Below is a collection of photographs of Issy, before and throughout his healing process. Please exercise caution when viewing this gallery, as certain graphic images might be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion advised.

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